PETrified The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pets!

Heading out this Halloween with your furry friend? Turn heads with these spooky and cutie Costume Ideas!

Halloween’s just around the corner, and we’re pretty sure many of you are already gearing up for all the fun parties, events, or even just having a photoshoot with your pet at home!

To give you a costume idea and make the job easier for you, here are some costume suggestions we here at San Frenchie think would best fit your pets!

1. It's Time to ROAR!

This Lion Wig looks Realistic & best-fitting for your pets. Turn your lovely pooch into a funny ferocious King of the Jungle in a jiffy.
This Lion Pet Costume is definitely the perfect Halloween Costume for Cats! 

Another King of the Jungle costume that would definitely work best for your cat's Halloween costume!

2. Spooky Spidey!
Want to dress up your dog like a creepy crawlie this Halloween? Check out our list of spider pet costumes for Halloween 2021!
This spooktacular  Spider Costume is perfect for Large dog Halloween costume.

Webby spider definitely looks spookier than ever, this costume is the best Halloween costume for dog.

Spooky, sparkly and ready to party spidey! This costume will definitely draw attention to your  pets!

3. Simply Spooky
These pet Halloween costumes for dogs and cats are absolutely adorable.
Keep Halloween Costumes simple for your Pet with this Halloween Bandana

Are you looking for Halloween pet costumes that are novel, unique and scary? Then don't miss our blood chest strap with stabbed costume.

4. Busy Bee
Just Bee-cause it's Halloween! These bee costumes can be used all year round!
Looking for Small dog costumes for this upcoming Halloween? This Bee Hoodie is the excellent choice. 

Bee practical this Halloween and get this Bee Harness and Leash Set as yuor dog/cat 's Halloween Costume!

5. Cutie Farmnimals
Dress your pet as a different animal and let him / her be part of Old Macdonald's song!!!
Everybody will definitely moo around when they see your dog in this Cow Halloween Costume!
This Piggy Costume is perfect for your small Frenchie! They will definitely be oinking around with this one.

6. Ambition Situation

Let your cats or dogs whatever they want to be for this Halloween! May it be a police, medical worker, Racer, or even a Cowboy!
It's race time! Your pet will definitely race as a top choice for Best Halloween Costume 2021 with this one! 

The Doctor is definitely in this Halloween! This costume is perfect for dogs and cats of any size!
Give tribute to our modern day heroes by dressing you dog / cat as a Nurse this Halloween 2021!

Dress your pet as a Police Officer and turn heads on your next halloween party!
Not a fan of Navy? This Policer Officer Uniform might be what you are looking for.  This is best for small dogs and cats for this Halloween 2021!

AHOY! Wearing this Sailor outfit will definitely make your pet look cool and attractive for his / her Halloween Party!
Yeehaw! The perfect Cowboy Outfit for your pet this Halloween 2021! 

The best chicken in town! Dress your pet as a KFC Crew for this Halloween! 


Just like you, your pet’s Halloween costume needs to strike the perfect balance between scary and cute.

Just imagine your pet barking and purring wearing this–perfection.

Which pet costume has gotten you most excited for Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below!

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