Gift Guide: Pawsome Gifts for your Fur Baby on National Dogs Day 2021

If you're a fur parent, you probably already spoil your dog all year round, but during the National Dogs Day you at least have an actual excuse to splurge. After all, if anyone deserves to be celebrated, it's our dogs — for no other reason than that they bring so much joy, laughter, love (and stress, and mess) into our lives.

To celebrate National Dogs Day 2021, we've dedicated a special gift guide to our favorite furry friends or better known as the man's best friend. Your dog will sure drool over these cool finds, like a quirky backpack harness, sleek and stylish cooling bandana, multifunctional bed, and so much more!

This National Dogs Day, whether you're shopping for your own pet, or a friend who cares for one, here are a cool options you can choose from:

Personalized Backpack

Personalized Embroidered Pet Backpack - Price starts at $36.95

Want to take your gifting to the next level? This Personalized Embroidered Pet Backpack gift would definitely make your pet look extra cute and would be so much appreciated by fur mom or fur dads! From the color of the backpack to the design being embroidered, plus the pet's name. This will definitely add extra cuteness to you dog's afternoon walks at the part or even a perfect accessory for your pet's OOTD.

Pet Leash

Personalized Pet Leash - $19.99 

You can also get a matching personalized leash to attach to this backpack pet harness. 

Interactive Feeding Toy 

IQ Ball For Dogs  - $29.95

This IQ Ball lets your pet play, learn, and get a reward. This would be the perfect gift to your friend's dog that will definitely be enjoyed as well by your furparent friends! This interactive toy is a gift not only to the dogs who will spend hours (okay fine maybe half an hour) figuring it out, but to the furparents who suddenly have a little bit of free time to relax knowing their dog is preoccupied with this IQ Ball and not the furniture.

Feeding Bowl

Flower Shape Ceramic Bowl - $54.99

This Flower Shape Ceramic Bowl features a unique shape for your pet to grasp, this ceramic bowl is elevated so that the pet's mouth is in an optimal position for eating. This feeding bowl won't just be enjoyed by the pets but will also be a great decor to the fur mom's home. 

Drinking Fountain

Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain - $62.99

Thinking of a perfect gift to your pet owner friend? This Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain would definitely be the purrfect gift! Pets are totally reliant on us for fresh drinking water. Cats and dogs especially are fussy with water, they like it clean, if not, they won't drink it. This bud-shaped USB Pet Ceramic Automatic Drinking Fountain is a pet water fountain that provides clean, filtered water on a consistent basis. 

Cooling Vest 

Cooling Vest - $39.00

It's still summer season your dog will definitely appreciate this Cooling Vest gift! Summer is still upon us and that means spending a lot of time outdoors with your dog. Whether you’re headed to the mountains for a hiking adventure or to the beach for some relaxation, make sure you have this cooling gear so you and your dog are prepared to beat the heat. 

Cooling Bandana

Floral Cooling Bandana - $14.99

Keep your fur babies cool in style with this Floral Cooling BandanaKeep your best pal's feel cool for several hours when you walk your dog or take it with the both of you for all your summer escapades.

Multifunctional Bed

Fluffy Multifunctional Bed - $26.60

Let your dog lounge and sleep in style with this very comfortable Fluffy Multifunctional Bed . You can either have it as a bed just flatly laid down or turn it into a sofa during the daytime for your furry friend to rest on.

Pet Booster

Pet Booster Car Seat - Sale Price $59.99  

Do you love bringing you pets on your adventures? Then this Pet Booster Car Seat is the perfect National Dog's Day Gift to get for your furry friend. Designed to protect, comfort, hold and elevate your furry babies. This Pet Booster Car Seat comes with extra padding and a strong restraining belt. This high-end car seat for pets is twice as luxurious, cute, and will give your pet the utmost comfort. You and your dog can definitely Sit back and Relax with this one!

Velvet House Bed

Velvety Cactus House Bed - $56.00

Is your fur parent friend obsessed with her home décor as much as she is in love with her dog/cat? Then this Velvety Cactus House Bed is the perfect gift for her for this upcoming National Dog's Day 2021. The Velvety Cactus House Bed is not just a place that allows your pet to rest and sleep but also a very nice addition to your home décor.

Owner's Bag

Owner's Bag with Dog Leash - $36.99

Love taking your dog/cat out for a walk? This Owner's Bag with Dog Leash  will definitely take your stress away from carrying all the items. This fashionable and functional Bag and Leash is very spacious and can carry all of your pets essentials and your needs as well. This can fit your phone, key, treats and even a small water bottle and even has a slot for your dog's poop bag! This is waterproof, durable, handy, and fashionable it can match any of your outfits!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose what suites best for your furbaby or your furparent friend!  You can easily check out all of these options here: National Dogs Day Gift Guide 2021.

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